Europe’s Christian Cup final 2016: the road record for Portugal

Real Madrid can easily break through the defensive line, overburden their opponents and take advantage of the weakness of Portugal’s defense system, which is weakened by the lack of Pepe. So, thanks to Renato Sanchez’s push, for quite a long time, they only went to competitive areas, sometimes sporadic centers. Ronaldo didn’t show up because he barely got the ball and although he opened the mark on the edge of the break, his rowing boat was removed. It was the first time that there was no win or lose, and both sides were more focused on controlling each other’s ability

Two punches in three minutes

With Portugal failing to win in the first five games in 90 minutes (three draws in the first stage, Croatian scoring, Poland penalty), many of us are definitely waiting for another overtime game, or Wales, a team with a clear mind and a small number of people. He can turn his advantage into a marker But football, especially in this game, is a game of mistakes and moments, and you should know how to take advantage of your opportunities. Of course, we can’t put the blame on Chester for the Christian goal Ronaldo (50%) who changed the direction of the game, because there is very little defense in the world that can stop the raisins, or there is no defense in the huge jump that Lyon stadium experienced today. Rapha è L guerreriro is precise and powerful in the centre of the corner, but Real Madrid’s will will will remain in history. Only Carles Puyol saw a server do something similar (remember?).

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In fact, it beat Chris Coleman unexpectedly this time, because no one wanted it, and no one did it. Last Friday, they knew they had beaten back radja nainggolan’s goal, but today they failed because three minutes later, the Portuguese captain made another move, leading Nani with a dry gun and leaving the big breakthrough on the canvas. Maybe they shouldn’t have done that, of course they didn’t feel it, but they were quickly kicked out of the final, two blows they didn’t see.
The rest of the game is controlled by Portugal, which has not suffered too much pain, while Wales is led by a great Gareth Barr, who backs to the team, demands the ball, creates danger, always uses long-range shooting, distributes the game But that is not enough. Perhaps more than ever before, he missed Aaron Ramsay, his national team, his great leader in the spinal cord, the best match assistant. At the same time, Portugal is waiting for the opportunity to reach a verdict with a third party, which has not arrived but is about to arrive.

As a result, our neighbors, though they have not made football more brilliant and have only 45 minutes of decent time in the whole game, will be their opponents in the final in Paris, shaking the terrible memory of 2004. Tomorrow, we will see a second competitor.