Euro 2016 – Penalties smile at a Portugal already in the semi-finals: Match notes

Carlo Ancelotti rubs his hands thinking about next season. The Italian coach, who will relieve Pep Guardiola to the helm of Bayern Munich, will have at his command a squad of tremendous level with which he will be in a position to fight for everything. Just a simple look at the match that the Portugal and Poland national team has played today to attest to this, where two of their future players have been the best. Protagonists of very modest matches in the eighth round, Poles and Portuguese faced the match aware of the possibility of reaching a semi-final for the simplest part of the draw that would face the winner of Belgium-Wales. The lusos with the favorites poster to take the crash due to the roster of level footballers that he has in his ranks, starting with the current Silver Ball and several of the stars of the transfer market, as are the cases of William Carvalho , Joao Mario, Nani or Renato Sanches.

However, it was Poland the first to hit. He did it even before he deserved it at the mercy of a dry finisher from Robert Lewandowski. Practically missing during the previous four matches, Bayern Munich striker appeared at the key moment to make the second all the fastest in Euro history after a minute and fourth seconds, and put fear in the body of Portuguese fans. This both caused some zozobra in the Portuguese squadron, which took time to react. He did so at the mercy of a sensational Renato Sanches. Signed on a paddlock by Bayern Munich just a few weeks ago, the young midfielder of just 18 years of age did not hesitate to throw the team’s weight behind his back. In constant motion, brave to face and with a remarkable physical display, the new signing of the German squad also put the boards on the scoreboard with a shot from outside the area that sneaked into Fabianski’s goal in the 32rd minute after playing the ball in a rival. With the 1-1 on the scoreboard, the two squads left for a locker room tunnel from which they left fifteen minutes later with even more fear on the body.

Second half to forget

After reaching the overtime in the eighth round against Switzerland and Croatia (in the first case we had to even go to the penalties) neither team finished stepping forward as the minutes were going off more and more slowly. We found ourselves in a second plump time and with a much slower pace than the first. Renato was darkening as he moved away from the area where the game was deployed and Portugal shut down while Poland had some occasions (Milik in the 68th minute) but without seeing a door. Thus, despite the few flashes of a Quaresma that had entered the pitch in the 80th minute, and an incredible failure of Cristiano Ronaldo that kicked in the air when alone in front of Fabianski in the 85th minute, we prepared to live an extension that both sets seemed to have signed when they arrived at half-time.

The extra time began almost the same as the end of the ninety minutes: with a glitch by Cristiano Ronaldo that added his third clear occasion without seeing a door. Becoming the footballer who has made the most pitches in the Euro, the Real Madrid footballer seems a shadow of the deadly goalscorer who has astonished his own and strangers in recent years. After this, the rest of the extension continued in the same path of boredom that had been left to us by the second half of the enviation and had as a more relevant fact the leap of a spontaneous that had to be taken out by the security members. And as everyone expected we got to a few pitches from the penalty point. On this occasion, however, the cross was for a Polish national team that chose to pull second and saw Jakub Blaszczykowski’s failure to leave him out of the title match.

The Man of the Party – Renato Sanches

Many are the ones who took their hands to the head when Bayern Munich disbursed the cooler of 40 million euros (more incentives) for their signing. He was only a young talent who had made his debut years earlier in the elite and had barely added a handful of matches in the first tier of Portuguese football. However, midfielder Renato Sanches is in charge of demonstrating the tremendous level he has on his foot.

Brave, with ease to face his rivals and able to throw the weight of the team on his back despite being only 18 years old, the promising signing of the Bavarian squad has shown a more than remarkable level in the match against the Poles , especially in the first half. Author of the goal of the tie, the Portuguese can leave satisfied at home after a remarkable match.