Euro 2016 – A second ridicule from Spain to finish a magical cycle: The notes of the match

The meetings between Spain and Italy are always a war. Known as one of the great black beasts of ours, the last envites had been resolved with favorable results for the Reds. Thus, the penalty shootout in the 2008 quarters was a real turning point in the history of the Spanish national team. This situation was repeated in the semi-finals of the 2013 Confederations Cup (also by penalties) and the final of the last Euro 2016, where those of Vicente del Bosque gave each other a real feast at the expense of the azzurra (4-0) that ended with Iker Casillas requesting the referees to finish the match to shorten the Italian agony.

Today the party presented itself as a real re-dal after what happened against the already eliminated Croatia days ago. To add an epic touch to the battle, the rainy Paris seemed to mourn the bad play that Didier Deschamps’s are deploying since the start of the championship and welcomed the two sets with a copious storm. The abundance of water caused mistakes to occur, so Italy was betting on taking the ball long to start its moves. The Italians surprised at the start with high pressure reminiscent of what happened against Sweden days ago. Spain was surprised and encountered endless problems resisting the transalpine onslaughts that left clear occasions such as Pellé’s header in the 8th minute that repelled David de Gea. However, at fifteen minutes there were two key factors. On the one hand, Vicente del Bosque provided more balance to the team by betting on a 4-2-3-1 that nurtured the center of the field. On the other hand, the light appeared in Paris. The worst moment had passed and Spain football shirt was beginning to own the ball. Minutes were advancing and it was confirmed that the match had returned to what everyone expected when Cuneyt Cakir beeped the start. But friends! The rival was Italy.

When it was the Spaniards who started to get the match a foul on the front ended up translating in the first goal of the match. It was Eder who threw from the front to the goalkeeper’s stick. David de Gea was unable to tackle the ball and left it at the feet of a Giorgio Chiellini who put his own ahead in ’33. After a nefarious performance against Croatia that cut off the wings to the possibility of being part of the nicest part of the draw, Manchester United’s goalkeeper erred again at a key moment. He played, in this way, rowing against what had been the best defender of the Euro. Very well located, team to its full extent, the Italian national team was purely superior to those of Vicente del Bosque and were extremely comfortable with the defeats that had been adopted by the match. The first part’s summary came in the 44th minute with Daniele de Rossi making a pipe for Andres Iniesta: the birds shooting at the shotguns.

The second part continued on the path that had been developed in the first half. The Spanish national team was unable to overcome the well-placed Italian defence and when it did it clashed with an immeasurable Gianluigi Buffon. With Busquets absolutely lost, the missing sides and a Cesc Fábregas that seems still in London, despite the attempts of the to-date European champion Italy was distinctly superior. There is no doubt that there is a period of reflection for Spain. The role played by ours both in the world past in Brazil and in the present Eurocup requires changes in the national team and that some of the regulars do not go anymore and leave the gap to players who (even if they had to play a secondary role) do not would raise their voices for the good of the team. Eder’s 2-0 in the final stretch doesn’t do anything unless we delve into the deep disappointment that a selection that started as a favorite and comes back with the ridiculous word tattooed on the forehead.

The Man of the Party – Giorgio Chiellini

In addition to an outstanding match at defensive level, juventus in Turin paved the way for his own by taking advantage of an ill-cleared David de Gea who alternated top-notch performances with some to forget, like the aforementioned one.

Although the azzurra shines through its block and the tremendous personality that has been equipped with its technician Antonio Conte, the center is a reference in that impregnable defensive amalgama. On the Italian horizon is now a Germany that will face next Saturday, July 2 in Bordeaux.