Euro 2016: Julian Draxler, facing the big jump

The clash between the German and Slovakia nationals last Sunday served to enjoy the best version of the German draw. After a hesitant Euro cup start in which it became clear that the fake 9 formula did not pay off, Joachim Luw chose to place Mario Gómez as a spearhead, a decision from which the talented players who move just behind the powerful battering ram benefited.

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With the rival zagueros anchored on the edge of the area by the presence of the Giganton of the Besiktas emerged the figure of Julian Draxler. The midfielder, a sometimes shy footballer, responded to the confidence that the coach has been giving him (he chose him for eleven to the detriment of Mario Gotze) and became the leader of a squad that, at times,

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offered football as brilliant as it was effective.

Before closing his performance with a beautiful 3-0 finisher, Draxler had already left his stamp with a multitude of dribble, fecorses, agons and a play of those that are only within reach of players with natural talent. Gladbeck’s led the ball with precision and elegance, got rid of his scoreboard with a subtle bike, rolled back the baseline and put the ball in such a way that Mario Gomez barely had to touch it to finish inside the goal.

But above technical details, what this match found is that we are facing a footballer who perhaps only lacks a little more confidence and support to stand in the engine of any squad. In the Schalke 04 he came to give that feeling during the 2012-2013 course (he added 39 games and 13 goals), but the truth is that over the years his progression never became as noticeable as expected. Last summer, Wolfsburg recruited him to fill the considerable gap left by Kevin de Bruyne, but despite signing some interesting clashes, on several occasions he again showed that strange lack of motivation that assaults him in second-order matches (31 games, 8 goals).

Tonight, against Italy, a rival that offers no concessions, Draxler will come across an almost unique opportunity to revive his professional career, to make that necessary leap to consolidate himself as one of the new benchmarks of German football. Will you seize the opportunity?

Euro 2016: Type team of the eighth round

The eighth round of the Euro are already history. In this way, the time comes to know what has been the judgement of our writing, the ideal team of this phase. Thus, the designated goalkeeper has been none other than the Italian international Gianluigi Buffon, protagonist of a sensational match against Spain in which he saved with quality the occasions of the combination of Vicente del Bosque.

Together with the captain and referee of the azzura, the defense would be completed by The German Kimmich, the Italian Giorgio Chiellini and the Icelanders Sigurdsson and Skulason while the midfield would consist of two midfielders of remarkable level such as the Belgian Nainggolan and Sigurdsson (Iceland).

The most offensive positions are for a number of players who have shined as key to the ranking of theirs. These are the Eden Hazard (Belgium) and Julian Draxler (Germany) extremes, as well as The Frenchman Antoine Griezmann and the Italian Pello, who certified their victory over Spain.