As the home of the 2021 European Cup, is San Mames in danger?

Due to the impact of the international coronary pandemic, the European Cup has to be postponed to 2021. One of the venues designated by UEFA for the iconic tournament is San Mames, the home of Portugal’s national team, Athletic Bilbao, where Spain will hold its group meeting. As a result of the delay, he has to wait. fake replica football kits

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However, it is interesting to analyze the information reported in the US daily. According to media reports, Aleksander ceferin’s agency is disturbed by the lack of cooperation among the candidates responsible for managing San Mames as the host of the European Cup. That’s why his presence as the home of the mainland’s top national teams could be threatened, especially because Athletic Bilbao did not want to give up his stadium so early. However, the Royal Football Federation (RFA) wants an agreement with UEFA.