The resignation of Santi Cazorla

Santi Cazorla (35 years old) is the compass of The Villarreal. Despite the continuous physical problems he suffered a few years ago, which were close to promoting his retirement from the elite of the king sport, the truth is that the old acquaintance of Recreativo de Huelva, Málaga or Arsenal is enjoying a second youth in the Yellow Submarine. Without a doubt, it has become a real reference for yours in the squad led by Javi Calleja.

However, in an interview with #Vamos colleagues, he expressed frustration at the postponement of Euro until 2021. “This is frustrating because I had the illusion of going to Euro. I’m aware that I’m 35 years old and it’s getting a little more complicated. I hope to keep doing a good season and see what the body asks of me,” he said. He has also left the door open for a possible return to Arsenal.

“I don’t know what my inheritance is. You have to ask the fans, but I want to thank you all. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, maybe a coach, maybe a sports director, but I’d like to come back,” Cazorla concluded at the aforementioned source.

Euro 2016 – Wales still dream: Match notes

In the meaum 12th game, Radja Nainggolan settled the ball in his right boot and dropped a superb shoe wayne Hennessey could do. The so-called AS Player Roma was pinning to a match start in which Belgium had re-shown its vertical and offensive

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and in which, almost incomprehensibly, he had squandered a triple occasion in which neither Carrasco nor Meunier nor Hazard were able to send the ball to the bottom of the net.

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Achieving the goal of the score, and when the match demanded a second blow to leave the opponent against the canvas, the red devils opted for contemplation. They gave the ball to Wales and positioned themselves in their field with the idea of simply defending the loot they had won. Chris Coleman’s thanks for the gesture and, far from being victims of anxiety, devoted themselves to moving the ball from side to side in search of a hole through which to pierce the opposing defense.

His tracking bore fruit quickly. The pair protecting Belgium’s left side, made up of the now unpublished Jason Denayer and Jordan Lukaku, crumbled with each ball in depth and allowed any player who ventured through that area to reach the area with great ease. From one of the many moves that the British braided about that plot came the corner where the tie was forged, added by Ashley Williams’s superb headbutt.

The Belgians wanted to react behind the tables, but Wales, who had already taken the key, refused to take a step back. Gareth Bale was able to score 2-1 by bringing the colors back out of the overflowing Denayer, but Thibaut Courtois was agile and confident to deflect his cross-shot. Likewise, Williams was able to get a return from the defensive passivity to the edge of rest, but this time his headbutt went high.

Belgium bleeds from the right

Marc Wilmots, a technician who is often accused of being passive, reacted after the break by removing the almost defunct Carrasco from the field to give entry to Marouane Fellaini. Their goal was to improve the consistency of the spinalr and prevent both Aaron Ramsey and Joe Allen from moving the ball as they pleased. In that sense, it did notice improvement belgium, but because it did not contain the left-handed gap, the problems were not solved.

In fact, the second goal was born from the inability of the sorry Lukaku-Denayer couple to solve their defensive work. Ramsey dropped a ball with subtlety near the corner, pulled the area out, and there Robson Kanu, without too much effort, turned on himself to sit the opponent’s back and beat Courtois with a good shot.

Although he had more than half an hour to turn the clash around, the Belgian draw managed almost or unsettled the rival goal. Both Hazard and De Bruyne moved too far from the area and Lukaku had no news until Wilmots sent him to the bench. As expected on such a stage, Wales hunted one against and killed the match. It was done by the newly entered Sam Vokes, who finished to the door a center sent from, of course, right by Gunter.

With this resounding and deserved 3-1, the draw of the islands gets into the semi-finals of the Euro. Portugal awaits there. Logic invites you to think of a Bale-Cristiano Ronaldo duel, but after we saw it today, it is clear that Coleman’s are much more than a simple individuality. They are a team with capital letters, a selection as intense as they are intelligent that knows how to take advantage of the weak points of their opponent. Wales’s dream is still alive.

The drafting notes for Players in Wales:

The drafting notes for players in Belgium:

The Man of the Party – Ashley Williams:

It was The one in Wales that was the victory of an entire team. Gareth Bale was expected to pull the tank once again, but it was other players who, with Cardiff’s performing at a slightly lower level than on other occasions, took the reins. While Aaron Ramsey, Joe Allen and Hal Robson Kanu might stand out, perhaps it was Ashley Williams who signed a fuller clash.

Swansea City’s headquarters served as captain and, in addition to leading his defense and aplombing all the opponent’s dangerous actions, demonstrated a superb air power that helped him score the much that entailed the tie of his own and the beginning of a beautiful comeback.

Euro 2016: Julian Draxler, facing the big jump

The clash between the German and Slovakia nationals last Sunday served to enjoy the best version of the German draw. After a hesitant Euro cup start in which it became clear that the fake 9 formula did not pay off, Joachim Luw chose to place Mario Gómez as a spearhead, a decision from which the talented players who move just behind the powerful battering ram benefited.

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With the rival zagueros anchored on the edge of the area by the presence of the Giganton of the Besiktas emerged the figure of Julian Draxler. The midfielder, a sometimes shy footballer, responded to the confidence that the coach has been giving him (he chose him for eleven to the detriment of Mario Gotze) and became the leader of a squad that, at times,

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offered football as brilliant as it was effective.

Before closing his performance with a beautiful 3-0 finisher, Draxler had already left his stamp with a multitude of dribble, fecorses, agons and a play of those that are only within reach of players with natural talent. Gladbeck’s led the ball with precision and elegance, got rid of his scoreboard with a subtle bike, rolled back the baseline and put the ball in such a way that Mario Gomez barely had to touch it to finish inside the goal.

But above technical details, what this match found is that we are facing a footballer who perhaps only lacks a little more confidence and support to stand in the engine of any squad. In the Schalke 04 he came to give that feeling during the 2012-2013 course (he added 39 games and 13 goals), but the truth is that over the years his progression never became as noticeable as expected. Last summer, Wolfsburg recruited him to fill the considerable gap left by Kevin de Bruyne, but despite signing some interesting clashes, on several occasions he again showed that strange lack of motivation that assaults him in second-order matches (31 games, 8 goals).

Tonight, against Italy, a rival that offers no concessions, Draxler will come across an almost unique opportunity to revive his professional career, to make that necessary leap to consolidate himself as one of the new benchmarks of German football. Will you seize the opportunity?

Euro 2016: We already have the alignments of Germany-Italy!

There can only be one left. Germany and Italy are measured in a few minutes in what is arguably the most interesting match in the euro 2016 quarter-finals. The Germans land in this round after beating the Republic of Ireland (3-0) with solvency and brilliance, while the Italians do the same after beating and convincing against the Spanish national team (2-0).

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On the mat of the Stade de Bordeaux you can see two sets with completely opposite styles, but with an almost identical competitive spirit. Who will be able to reach the semi-finals? We already have eleven confirmed.

This is how the German National Team jumps to the pitch:

Thus the Italian National Team appears on the lawn:

Euro 2016 – Germany triumphs in the realm of fear: Party notes

So much respect, Joachim Luw to Italy, that he did not hesitate to trace his approach. The German coach sat Julian Draxler, his best man in the eighth-round clash, to make an entrance to a zaguero, Benedikt Huwedes. On the field, this unexpected dance of pieces was translated into a 3-5-2, exactly the same scheme that has been practicing azzurra since the start of the tournament.

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With this variant, the Teuton preparer achieved what he surely intended: to generate a manifest superiority of troops in the area of three-quarters transalpine. In fact, during the first 45 minutes, the man in charge of connecting the munose with attack, the Italian Eder, was so surrounded by rivals that he could barely come into contact with the ball. If we add to this the absence of Daniele de Rossi, it can be understood why Italy could only spin one play in this time, an action that, yes, could well end in goal if Sturaro’s shot had not played in a defence (minute 42).

Nor is it that Germany made a greater return to the system change. He mastered possession clearly, but hardly generated danger. Without the imaginative Draxler on the field, everything was at the expense of some of the fogonazo of Ozil, but that of Arsenal was once again the vivid image of intermittency. Only in the end, when the break was sensed, the German painting generated some unease to Buffon, but neither Mario Gómez nor Muller finished to the goal with the necessary clarity (minutes 40 and 41).

Goals change the game
After the time was through the locker room, he came to feel that the match could change. It was just a mirage. The fear of error, of receiving a goal that changed everything, was stronger than the desire to win and that translated into a slow, heavy pace that was about to send more than one impartial spectator to bed early.

Fortunately for the show, Germany took advantage of its spherical dominance 20 minutes after the resumption. It was a strange move in which only Jonas Hector played his proper role, reaching almost baseline to put a center that sent midfielder Mesut Ozil to the bottom of the net. Previously, and outside the area, it had been the pure 9, Mario Gómez, who had maneuvered with skill to send the ball to the layman and give rise to the 1-0.

As expected, the shock changed with the cons of the cons. Italy had no choice but to step forward and that allowed the ball to suddenly circulate more smoothly and, above all, closer to the areas. In any case, if the tie came it was because Boateng made a lump error. To make it clear that he was not pushing his pair into the area, the zaguero jumped with his arms completely up and the ball, which passed through the area, hit them. A penalty as clear as a fool that he transformed Bonucci into 1-1 and which led the match to overtime.

If little had passed in 90 minutes of play, even less in the 30 prolongation that, in reality, only served to delay the ever-agonizing penalty shootout. In the duel between two of the best goalkeepers in the world, the figure of Manuel Neuer emerged, who stopped two of the nine penalties that he ended up throwing Italy. Hector did not miss the 18th shot and Germany, which was a little less afraid of losing, slipped into the semi-finals.

The drafting notes for players in Germany:

The drafting notes for players in Italy:

The man of the party – Manuel Neuer:
In a match in which football shone by his absence ended up being decisive the expertise of Manuel Neuer to stop two of the nine penalties kicked by Italy. The German goalkeeper, who had barely had work throughout the crash, was very focused and managed to deflect Bonucci and Darmian’s shots in the shootout.